2018 Edition



Akmi Duo, saxohone-piano • FRANCE-LITHUANIA

Arcis Saxophon Quartett, saxophones • GERMANY-ITALY-SLOVENIA

Bresler Quartet, strings • FRANCE-ITALY-POLAND-RUSSIA

Budzynska-Ogryzek Duo, violin-piano • POLAND

Caravaggio Piano Quartet • ITALY

Duo "88 Keys for Two", accordion-piano • ITALY-SLOVENIA

Duo Aspera, accordion-piano • ITALY-ROMANIA

Duo Ceppetelli-Chung, violin-piano • ITALY-SOUTH KOREA

Duo d'Arányi, violin-piano • CANADA-HUNGARY

Duo Di Liddo-Serratore, flute-clarinet • ITALY

Duo Di Mario-Bassi, trombone-piano • ITALY

Duo Ebano, clarinet-piano • ITALY

Duo Fliano, flute-piano • GERMANY-SOUTH KOREA

Duo Greco-Schirru, violin-piano • ITALY

Duo Mikhailov-Volkova, cello-piano • RUSSIA

Duo Nadiyah, cello-piano • ITALY

Duo Pastine-Contaldo, violin-piano • ITALY

Duo Yamangoo!!, saxophone-piano • JAPAN

Duo YuNiKa, clarinet-piano • RUSSIA

Duo Zoncati-Nava, clarinet-piano • ITALY

Flute East Trio, flutes • SOUTH KOREA-TAIWAN

Hero Horn Quartet, horns • ITALY

Hoermeyer-Bachmann Duo, violin-piano • AUSTRIA-GERMANY

Iskra Duo, violin-piano • UK

La Bohème Piano Trio, violin-cello-piano • POLAND

Lee-Tong Duo, cello-piano • CHINA-SOUTH KOREA

Leonardo Grittani & Maurizio Zaccaria, flute-piano • ITALY

Lipkind Mazor-Hristova Duo, violin-piano • BULGARIA-RUSSIA

Made in Trio, flute-clarinet-piano • ITALY-PORTUGAL

Marimbazzi Duo, percussiones • POLAND

Milano Saxophone Quartet • ITALY

Möbius Duo, violin piano • USA

Nascilansky Duo, saxophone-piano • SPAIN

Notaristefano-Ceresini, flute-piano • ITALY

Palladrum Duo, percussions • ITALY

Quartet Vela, saxophones • CHILE-SPAIN

Quartetto Eilat, strings • ITALY

Quatuor Avena, saxophones • FRANCE-ITALY-JAPAN-SOUTH AFRICA

Shutko-Fotuima Duo, saxophone-piano • UKRAINE

Trio Magos, clarinet-cello-piano • GERMANY-SOUTH KOREA

Trio Pharos, violin-cello-piano • SOUTH KOREA

Tritium Trio, clarinet-cello-piano • AUSTRALIA-SLOVENIA-SWEDEN

Tritonus Guitar Trio • HUNGARY

Twenty Fingers Duo, violin-cello • LITHUANIA

The Jury likes to stress the high level of the candidates in general.

All ensembles will receive an official communication.

The groups admitted to the 2nd round (4, 5 and 6 September) must confirm their participation by means of the payment of the second part of the entry fee by July 16 – please note that failure to meet this entry fee requirement will result in disqualification (see Rules, art. 6).

In the subsequent days all confirmed groups will receive the communication of the exact date and time of their audition in front of the Jury.

The ensembles not admitted will receive in the next days via email the communication about the result of their evaluation.

Enti Promotori/Promoting Institutions:  ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE “GAETANO ZINETTI”

FONDAZIONE “MASI” • 37015 Gargagnago di Valpolicella (Vr) • tel. 0039 045 6832511• fax 0039 045 6832536

Progetto e coordinamento/Planning and general coordination:

prof. Filippo Maria Cailotto • Via F.lli Bronzetti, 14 • 37126 Verona • tel. 0039 045 915538 (r.a.) • fax 0039 045 8300633

e-mail: info@salieri-zinetticompetition.eu