The repertory to be performed

1) Q.: What pieces are to be played for the recorded performance (1st Round) and how long should they last?

A.: The cd repertoire should last approximately 30 minutes and include at least two compositions (or movements from compositions) of contrasting style and period. The pieces on the programme must be of a “concertante” style, that is, they must predominantly involve all instruments. The compositions must be performed in their original versions; only those transcriptions made exclusively by the author will be accepted. Possible exceptions (i.e. transcriptions made by important composers) must be approved by the Artistic Committee of the Competition.

2) Q.: How long should be the 2nd round performance? The whole pieces are to be played?

A.: The repertoire presented in front of the Grand Jury by each admitted group will be necessarily the same of the preliminary tape audition. Hence, the total playing time of the 2nd round is the same of the 1st round: about 30 minutes.

3) Q.: What is to be played in the 3rd round?

A.: The 3rd round repertoire is of free choice. You can repeat the same pieces of the 1st and 2nd round or you can change completely if you want to show the Jury other sides of your musical qualities.

In general, candidates play in the 3rd round movements of the compositions presented in the other rounds they have not played yet. But it is up to you. You can change completely the pieces.

4) Q.:: What is to be played in the 4th round (Final Audition)?

A.: The 4th round repertoire, lasting approximately 30 minutes, must be agreed with the Jury, who can accept the admitted ensemble’s proposal (of free choice) or ask to play again some of the pieces performed in the previous rounds.

The application procedure

5) Q.: What is the international bank code for candidates’ entry fees?

A.: You should make a Bank Order out to “Gaetano Zinetti” Cultural Association’s current account at Banca Popolare di Verona.

Here the IBAN code:




Enti Promotori/Promoting Institutions:  ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE “GAETANO ZINETTI”

FONDAZIONE “MASI” • 37015 Gargagnago di Valpolicella (Vr) • tel. 0039 045 6832511• fax 0039 045 6832536

FONDAZIONE “ANTONIO SALIERI” DI LEGNAGO • c/o Comune di Legnago • 37045 Legnago - Verona • tel/fax 0039 0442 81505

Progetto e coordinamento/Planning and general coordination:

prof. Filippo Maria Cailotto • Via F.lli Bronzetti, 14 • 37126 Verona • tel. 0039 045 915538 (r.a.) • fax 0039 045 8300633