starting from 2010
because of its increasing importance

became an autonomous prize;

go to its website:


A recording contract
and a scholarship starting from 5,000 Euros
as a fee for the realization of a concert
in a prestigious venue.

No age or participation limit is to be applied:
entry to the Prize is open to instrumental or vocal music groups
ranging from duo to chamber music orchestra
with or without soloist or conductor,
without any participants number limit.
The award is assigned through the evaluation
of a recording project
lasting at least 60 minutes
and being constituted
by compositions created by authors
who were born or predominantly lived in the Venetian area.

Masi Foundation, active since years in the sector of Culture
and in particular in the enhancement of the Venetian Arts,
aims with this Award
at supporting the activity of the best musicians,
promoting in the same time the cultural roots
of a district who always played an active role
also in the field of Arts.

The Award offers the winners
a contract to record a Compact Disc
(a special edition with brochure in five languages)
which Masi Foundation will spread to a mailing list
of about 4000 opinion leaders in the world,
and a scholarship of 5,000 Euros
as a fee for the realization of a concert

at a prestigious venue.


2018 Edition:
Parels Ensemble - ITALY

2017 Edition:
Accademia Strumentale Italiana - ITALY

2016 Edition:
Milano Saxophone Quartet - ITALY

2015 Edition:
Prof. Sergio Durante - M° Federico Guglielmo
L’Arte dell’Arco - ITALY

2014 Edition:
Orchestra da camera del Conservatorio di Mantova - ITALY

2013 Edition:
Orchestra “Gaetano Zinetti” - ITALY

2012 Edition:
Sans Souci, baroque ensemble - ITALY

2011 Edition:
Alma Migrante, tango ensemble - ITALY

2010 Edition:
I Virtuosi Italiani, chamber orchestra - ITALY

2009 Edition:
MusicalIncanti, Baroque ensemble - ITALY

2008 Edition:
Interpreti Italiani, strings - ITALY

2007 Edition:
Duo Folena-Loreggian, flute-harpsichord - ITALY

2006 Edition:
“Le Petit Rien”, flute-harpsicord - BELGIUM
Ensemble “Archidee”, Renaissance ensemble - ITALY

2005 Edition:
“Il Tempio Armonico”, Baroque chamber orchestra - ITALY

2004 Edition:
Ensemble “La Corte Sveva”, strings - ITALY

2003 Edition:
Ensemble “Gaetano Zinetti”, strings - ITALY

2002 Edition:
Ensemble “Risonanza”, strings - ITALIA

“Masi Foundation” Special Recording Award

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Please, note:

The historical details described in this website concern the activity realized by

the “Salieri-Zinetti” Competition staff in the period 1998-2009 for the

“Gaetano Zinetti” Competition.

The new proposal has its origin from the experience of those 12 years.


Ente Promotore/Promoting Institution: 

ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE “GAETANO ZINETTI” • Via Dossi 7 – 37058 Sanguinetto (Vr) - Italia • C.F. e P. Iva: 03939750232

e-mail: info@salieri-zinetticompetition.eu