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Article 1. Aims. “Salieri - Zinetti” International Chamber Music Competition has as main object to create an opportunity for the best young concert artists to further their career while at the same time creating an important event to promote and diffuse interest in chamber music.

Article 2. When.  The competition will be held in the period  3rd - 8th September 2019. The auditions will be open to the public.

Article 3. Who.  Entry to the competition is open to all Italian instrumental chamber music groups and those from other countries ranging from duo to sextet with or without piano. Groups including voice or made up of two pianos are excluded from the competition. The group members’ average age must be less than 35 years old on the date of 24th June 2019.

At the beginning of each audition the participants must present a document

of identification otherwise they will be excluded from the competition.

Article 4.The Competition. It consists of four parts or Rounds. Aiming at keeping low the participation costs and at guaranteeing the high level of the competition, in Round One candidates submit a recorded performance online or by post.  In Rounds Two, Three and Four candidates will give a live performance in front of an audience and a panel of judges.

Round One: Preliminary Audition. Candidates must send a recording, together with the application form and payment fee, no later than 24th June 2019 (see Art. 7).

The recorded performance can be provided as an mp3 file or as a video.The judges will not know the identity of the performers. If the recording is a video the judges will hear only the sound. The recorded repertoire should last approximately 30 minutes and include at least two compositions (or movements from compositions) of contrasting style and period. The pieces on the programme must be of a “concertante” style. This means they must predominantly involve all instruments. The compositions must be performed in their original versions.  Only those transcriptions made by the composer himself will be accepted. Possible exceptions (i.e. transcriptions made by important composers) must be approved by the Artistic Committee of the Competition.

The judges will assess the interpretation and technical accuracy of the performance. Their decision is final. Successful participants of Round 1 will be informed promptly about  the day and time of  Round Two.

The result of Round One will be available through Salieri-Zinetti Competition Internet site ( by July 4, 2019.

Please note: those ensembles, who were admitted to the final round of the competition in previous years and who wish to enter this year’s competition, do not need to enter Round One (see art. 12).

Round Two: Qualifying Audition. Round 2 is a public audition conducted in front of the panel of judges. Each ensemble must perform live the same repertoire as in the recorded preliminary audition of Round One.

The ensembles who have submitted the online documentation must submit a hard copy of the music scores to the Jury. 

Round Three: Semi-final Audition. Round Three is a public audition conducted in front of the panel of judges. The order of the performances will be determined by random selection. The repertoire should be approximately 30 minutes. It can be the same as the one performed in Rounds One and Two, or it can be different. If it is different a complete set of music scores is required for the judges. Failure to meet score requirements will result in disqualification.

Round Four: Final Audition. Round Four is a public audition conducted in front of the panel of judges. The order of the performances will be determined by random selection.  Ensembles can choose their repertoire and it should last approximately 30 minutes. The list of the pieces and the music scores must be given to the judges by all candidates before the Round begins.

Article 5.The Panel of Judges. The panel is made up of Musicians and Masters from renowned Schools of Music. The judges will have the option to select movements or parts of the works presented, to shorten the performance or to ask for it to be re-performed. The judges decision is final.

The judgement of the performances will be given in a numerical score. This score will be the result of the average of the judges’ marks, excluding the highest and lowest  marks. If any ensembles receive the same score the President of the panel will make the final decision.

Article 6.Entry fee. The entry fee is divided into two parts.

The first part is 50 Euros for each member of the group. This is the payment for Round 1. Candidates must send this payment together with the application form.

The second part is again 50 Euros per each member of the group. Candidates who are successful in Round 1 and who continue to Round 2 must pay this fee by 16th July 2019.  The payment is confirmation of the group’s participation.

Candidates who do not pay the fees will be disqualified. Entry fees cannot be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Paying the Fee. Candidates can pay by Bank Order made out to “Gaetano Zinetti” Cultural Association’s current account at Banca Popolare di Verona - IBAN code: IT54P0503459780000000011543 - BIC-SWIFT code: BAPPIT21080.

When paying the fees please state the reason for payment as: “Iscrizione al Concorso Internazionale di Musica da Camera Salieri - Zinetti” (Application to the “Salieri - Zinetti” International Chamber Music Competition).

Article 7.Application procedure. Candidates must first register by completing the online registration form on the Competition website and pay the entrance fee.  Then the required documentation must arrive online or by post to the Competition Secretariat by 24th June, 2019.

Sending Online. Candidates must create a single folder with all the required documents and forward it to the Competition email address ( through services such as WeTransfer or similar.

Sending by post. Candidates must send the requested documents by courier or registered mail. Please, be sure that the package will arrive to the Secretariat by and not later then June 24th, 2019. Send the documents to the following address: Concorso Internazionale di musica da camera “Salieri - Zinetti” , c/o Studio Cailotto , via F.lli Bronzetti, 14 - 37126 Verona,  Italy.

The documentation to be sent online or by post must include:

• the name of the ensemble.  This name must be the same as in the online registration form;

• curriculum (C.V.) of the ensemble;

• a copy of the identity card or passport for each member;

• the receipt payment of 50 Euros for each member of the group (paid with the procedures specified in art. 6);

• the recorded performances. The performances must be the same as those stated in the registration form. If sending online, the recordings should be included in the documents’ folder in mp3 or video format. Alternatively candidates can send the links to the youtube files if available on this platform. If sending by post please insert a CD containing the tracks in mp3 or video format;

• one complete set of music scores of the recorded repertoire performed (in pdf format if forwarded online, in hard copy if sent by post).

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

The materials sent by post will not be returned unless sufficient packaging and postage are provided.

Article 8.Prizes. The following prizes will be awarded:

• the First prize will be given to the group that achieves the highest mark and an average no lower than 97/100. This will consist of a scholarship of 10,000 Euros as a fee for the realization of a 6 concerts tournée which will take place during the 2020-2021 season at Italian or international music organizations;

• the Second prize will be assigned to the group that obtains the second best score and an overall score of not less than 94/100. This will consist of a scholarship of 4,000 Euros as a fee for the realization of 4 concerts which will take place during the 2020-2021 season at Italian music organizations;

• the Third Prize will be assigned to the group that gains the third best score and an overall score of not less than 90/100. This will consist of a scholarship of 2,000 Euros as a fee for the realization of 2 concerts which will take place during the 2020-2021 season at Italian music organizations.

The prize money will be presented as follows:

30% during the Prize giving Ceremony (see article 11), 30% after performing the first half of the concerts to be given and the remaining 40% after performing the last concert of the prize. Travelling and accommodation expenses paid for the performance of the concerts will be refunded. The reimbursement will be paid when the performances have finished. Performers must submit all receipts and documentation with their expenses claim.

The winning ensembles of the Prizes must perform the concerts in the identical formation exhibited in front of the judges. Ensemble members and instruments must be the same. Any last minute substitutions must be justified by force majeure and by adequate documentation to be submitted to the Artistic Direction of the Competition for approval.

The decisions of the Judges are final and cannot be repealed.

The Commission reserves the right not to assign the prizes if the performances fail to reach the artistic level necessary and to assign the prizes “ex aequo” if appropriate.

Article 9. Prize-giving Concert. The winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd  Prizes of the “Salieri - Zinetti” International Chamber Music Competition are engaged to perform at the Public Concert that will be held on Sunday 8th September 2019 at 9 p.m. in Verona (at a venue to be determined). The winning groups’ performance at this event should be identical (persons and instruments) to that proposed during the competition or they will lose the right to the Prize.

Article 10. Tv shooting. Resulting documentation and media coverage will not confer to the performers any rights over or compensation  for the same.

Article 11.Participants in past editions. Winning ensembles (First Prize) of past editions of the competition cannot candidate themselves for subsequent editions. Finalist ensembles not winners of the First Prize (same persons and instruments) can candidate themselves for subsequent editions without submitting the recorded performance required for Round One. They are also exempt from paying the first part of the entry fee and are required to include the receipt of the payment of the second part (50 Euros per each member of the group – see art. 6), specifying the repertoire for Round Two. Before their audition they must provide the Jury with a copy of the music scores.

Article 12.“Zinettiadi” Soirées. They are private or public performances for small audiences from the local community. The purposes of Soirées are: a) to provide ensembles with an opportunity to perform their repertoire prior to their test in the competition; b) to present chamber music in an intimate setting; c) to increase local awareness of chamber music; d) to increase local support for the International Competition.

Soirées will take place on Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th, September, 2019. A limited number of opportunities will be available.

Ensembles must indicate their interest on the entry form.

Participation in Soirées is strictly on a voluntary basis and it is completely separate from participation in the Competition. However, due to the necessity of making advance arrangements with concert hosts, the ensembles involved in the program will be engaged to perform.

Article 13.Competition Rules acceptance. Candidature for the Competition implies the acceptance of the current regulations. The promoting organizations reserve the right to make modifications to these regulations whenever they deem it necessary. Such modifications will be communicated promptly and in the most appropriate manner to those involved.

2019 ed. - Rules