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Please notice: art. 10 was updated on 17th May, 2017.

Article 1  Aims.

“Salieri - Zinetti” International Chamber Music Competition has as main object to create an opportunity for the best young concert artists to further their career while at the same time creating an important event to promote and diffuse interest in chamber music.

Article 2.  When. 

The competition will be held in the period 5th - 10th September 2017. The auditions will be open to the public.

Article 3.  Who.

Entry to the competition is open to all Italian instrumental chamber music groups and those from other countries ranging from duo to sextet with or without piano. Groups including voice or made up of two pianos are excluded from the competition. The group members’ average age must be less than 35 years old on the date of 5th June 2017. At the beginning of each audition the participants must present a document of identification otherwise they will be excluded from the competition.

Article 4.  The competition tests.

The competition consists of four tests.

• Round One: Preliminary Cd Audition. Aiming at keeping low the participation costs and at guaranteeing the high level of the competition, the first round consists of a preliminary audition made by way of the evaluation of a cd performance to be sent together with the application form by and not later than 5th June 2017 (see Art. 7).

The cd repertoire should last approximately 30 minutes and include at least two compositions (or movements from compositions) of contrasting style and period. The pieces on the programme must be of a “concertante” style, that is, they must predominantly involve all instruments. The compositions must be performed in their original versions; only those transcriptions made by the author will be accepted. Possible exceptions (i.e. transcriptions made by important composers) must be approved by the Artistic Committee of the Competition.

Cds must be clearly identified with a six digit number (eg: 694721). This number will be used by the board of examiners to ensure that the preliminary audition is fair, being a blind test. Candidates should choose their own six digit number and write this number on the cd and cd case. Do not write any other form of identification on the cd or cd case.

The screening panel will value the interpretation and technical accuracy of the performance.

Admission to Round Two of the competition will depend on the jury’s unquestionable judgement and will be communicated in good time and in the most appropriate manner to those involved together with the information about the day and time of the semi-final audition.

Round One outcome will be available through Salieri-Zinetti Competition Internet site ( by July 4, 2017.

Please note: the ensembles admitted to the final round in the past editions who wish to enter subsequent editions are exempt from submitting to Round One (see art. 13).

• Round Two: Qualifying Audition. It consists of a public audition conducted in front of the Grand Jury. The repertoire presented by each admitted group must be the same as the preliminary cd audition.

• Round Three: Semi-final Audition. It consists of a public audition conducted in front of the Grand Jury. Performance order will be determined by random selection. The repertoire should last approximately 30 minutes. Candidates can choose to perform the same repertoire as in Round One and Two or a different one. In case of a different repertoire a complete set of scores for the Jury is required: failure to meet score requirements will result in disqualification.

• Round Four: Final Audition. It consists of a public audition conducted in front of the Grand Jury. Performance order will be determined by randon selection. The repertoire, lasting approximately 30 minutes and of free choice, must be submitted to the Jury, who may eventually request that pieces performed in the previous rounds are played again.

Article 5.  The Jury.

The Jury is made up of Musicians and Masters from Schools of Music of great renown.

The Jury commission will have the option to select movements or parts of the works presented, to abbreviate the duration of the execution or to ask for them to be re-performed. Its judgement is unquestionable.

The judgement on the performances will be expressed in an arithmetical score, as a result of the average of the jurymen’s marks, excluding the higher and the lower mark. In case of parity, the judgement of the President of the Jury will prevail.

Article 6.  Entry fee.

It is divided into two portions: the first one - 40 Euros per each member of the group - is required together with the application form; the second one - 50 Euros per each member of the group - is due only by those who have succeeded in Round One and must be paid by 18th July, 2017, as a confirmation of the group participation. Failure to meet entry fee requirements will result in disqualification.

Entry fees cannot be reimbursed under any circumstances.

All payments must be effected - stating the reason for payment as “Iscrizione al Concorso Internazionale di Musica da Camera Salieri-Zinetti” (Application to the “Salieri-Zinetti” International Chamber Music Competition) - following one of these procedures:

• Bank Order made out to “Gaetano Zinetti” Cultural Association’s current account at Banca Popolare di Verona - IBAN code: IT54P0503459780000000011543 - BIC-SWIFT code: BAPPIT21080;

• Credit card using the PayPal circuit (see info at the website 

Article 7.  Application procedure.

The contestants must send the application form by way of registered post by and not later than 5th June 2017 (the date of sending will be assumed to be that of the post mark - priority mail is highly recommended) to the following address: Concorso Internazionale di musica da camera “Salieri - Zinetti” - c/o Studio Cailotto - via F.lli Bronzetti, 14 - 37126 Verona.

The following information and material must be included with the application (see facsimile at the competition website

• Name, address and date of birth of each of the group members (attach a copy of the identity card or passport for each member).

• Name of the group and its curriculum.

• Type of group (specifying the instruments and their players).

• Audition cd clearly marked with the six digit identification number of candidates’ choosing (see Art. 4).

• A sheet of paper marked with the same identification number containing the program of works performed on the cd (see Art. 4).

• One complete set of scores of the repertoire performed in the cd (see Art. 8).

• Ensemble contact address and telephone number.

• Finally, only if interested, candidates can express their availability to participate in the Soirées (see Art. 14).

The payment of 40 Euros for each member of the group - effected with the procedures specified in Art. 6 - must be included.

Incomplete application forms will not be accepted.

The materials will not be returned unless sufficient packaging and postage are provided.

Article 8.   Scores.

As for the scores to be presented together with the application form (see Art. 7), published works must have original scores or authorized facsimiles. Authorized facsimiles may include photocopied scores that are accompanied by either a written statement from the publisher granting permission for the photocopied scores or a declaration signed by a member of the ensemble stating that the original score will be submitted at the auditions in front of the Jury.

Ensembles submitting photocopied scores without attaching one of the above mentioned declarations will accept all possible legal liability.

Article 9.   Prizes.

The following prizes will be awarded:

• the First prize will be given to the group that achieves the highest mark and an average no lower than 97/100. This will consist of a scholarship of 10,000 Euros as a fee for the performance of a 6 concert tournée which will take place during the 2018-2019 season at Italian or international music organizations;

• the Second prize will be Awarded to the group that obtains the second best score and an overall score of not less than 94/100. This prize will consist of a scholarship of 4,000 Euros as a fee for the performance of 2 concerts which will take place during the 2018-2019 season at Italian music organizations;

• the Third Prize will be awarded to the group that gains the third best score and an overall score of not less than 90/100. This prize will consist of a scholarship of 2,000 Euros as a fee for the performance of 1 concert which will take place during the 2018-2019 season at Italian music organization.

The amounts will be granted as follows: 30% during the prize-giving Ceremony (see article 11), 30% after performing the first half of the concerts to be given and the remaining 40% after performing the last concert of the prize. Travelling and lodging expenses paid for the concerts will be refunded; the reimbursement will be paid once the performances have been held. Any claims for expenses must include receipts and supporting documentation.

The decisions of the jury are final and cannot be appealed. The commission reserves the right not to award the prizes should the executions fail to reach the artistic level necessary and to award the prizes “ex aequo” if appropriate.

Article 10.  "Cicerone Music & Art" Special Award.

“Cicerone Music & Art”, a Dutch organization that has been operating for over 20 years in the sectors of Artist management and Festival organization, will select an ensemble among the finalists who will receive the Special Award consisting in the development of communication and PR consulting services aimed at improving the communication tools adopted by the ensemble to promote their image, and in a three-month online self-management training course.

Article 11.  Prize-giving Concert.

The winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes of the “Salieri-Zinetti” International Chamber Music Competition are engaged to perform at the Public Concert that will be held on Sunday 10th September 2017 at 9 p.m. in Verona (at a venue to be determined). The winning groups performance at this event should be identical (persons and instruments) to that proposed during the competition or they will lose the right to the Prize.

Article 12.  Tv shooting.

Resulting documentation and media coverage will not confer to the performers any rights over or compensation for the same.

Article 13.  Participants in past editions.

Winning ensembles (First Prize) of past editions of the competition cannot candidate themselves for subsequent editions. Finalist ensembles not winners of the First Prize (same persons and instruments) can candidate themselves for subsequent editions without submitting the cd performance required for Round One. They are also exempt from paying the first portion of the entry fee and are required to include the receipt of the payment of the second portion (50 Euros per each member of the group – see art. 6), specifying the repertoire for Round Two and enclosing the scores.

Article 14.  “Zinettiadi” Soirées.

They are private or public performances for small audiences from the local community. The purposes of Soirées are: a) to provide ensembles with an opportunity to perform their repertoire prior to their test in the competition; b) to present chamber music in an intimate setting; c) to increase local awareness of chamber music; d) to increase local support for the International Competition.

Soirées will take place on Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th, September, 2017. A limited number of opportunities will be available. Ensembles must indicate their interest on the entry form.

Participation in Soirées is strictly on a voluntary basis and it is completely separate from participation in the Competition. However, due to the necessity of making advance arrangements with concert hosts, the ensembles involved in the program will be engaged to perform.

Article 15.  Competition Rules acceptance.

Candidature for the Competition implies the acceptance of the current regulations.

The promoting organizations reserve the right to make modifications to these regulations whenever they deem it necessary. Such modifications will be communicated in good time and in the most appropriate manner to those involved.